WSE25 Dave Has Problems Again

  • Dave talks about his preparations for the trip to Austin, and having Jesus as co-pilot on driving day.
  • He shares some of his possibilities for death or maiming that could possibly occur by living in Florida, sink-hole insurance, and driving to Austin.
  • Dave also describes his terror with flying and all the things that could go wrong.
  • Dave got a Squatty Potty for Christmas, and Dave tells the guys about the guy who severed part of his leg using one.
  • Sean doesn’t sit when he shits; he hovers.
  • Johnny explains, for any who don’t know, how human beings are supposed to shit.
  • Sterling and Stone will soon be hiring the Transporter to usher Dave around to events.
  • Dave will be living in the ‘90’s as he drives his rental car across the US listening to CD’s.
  • Dave gives his opinion of the beach and the restaurant on it.
  • Sean shares the word that accelerates restaurant service.
  • How likely is your food to be ejaculated on in a restaurant? How much does that number increase if you’re Dave?
  • Dave wonders if the whole thing was staged, and how often he’s been in secret corporate training videos as ‘the tester.’
  • The meal went downhill from there.
  • They guys proceed to prove WHY this is the Worst. Show. Ever.
  • Dave’s final thoughts on his upcoming trip to Austin.

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