WSE24 Fecal in Florida

Today, the guys talk about how Dave is ruining Sean and Johnny’s enjoyment of the world.

  • Sean sees the world through Dave-colored glasses when he goes on a cruise to the Caribbean.
  • Miami is a shit storm of shitty shit shit according to Dave. Sean thinks it’s beautiful.
  • Dave rants about feces floating in the water at the Keys.
  • Sean’s family has the worst meal ever, and they handled it so much differently than Dave.
  • Petting turtles and turtle massacres.
  • Also, turtles have salmonella, and the turtle farm’s picture scam.
  • The self-serve line at Target, and how the finger-licking woman managed to contaminate all Dave’s stuff anyway.
  • Dave and Johnny discuss how they are going to get through a week’s worth of Dave’s anger and rants as they room together for the Summit.
  • The McDonald’s trip and Dave’s sage advice on how to give the cashier hell
  • Update on Dave’s travel plans to Texas with all the flooding.

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