WSE23 Johnny and Dave are Sharing an Air BnB

No, Sean is REALLY not here! It was supposed to be a week off, but then something interesting happened. Dave and Johnny are going to be roommates, so to make this as awkward as possible, they decided to get a feel for each other and do WSE together.

  • The guys reveal how in the hell the two of them got shuffled together, and Dave’s outright refusal.
  • The weird ‘always there’ homeowner they’ll be staying with.
  • Dave shares all his OCD-isms and staying in places that aren’t his own home.
  • After 3 years together, Johnny and Dave are still awkward together without Sean… after this adventure, maybe they’ll have bonded!
  • Johnny is intense, but he promises not to secretly record or video Dave.
  • Dave shares ‘The Rules’ for sharing a house with Johnny.
  • Dave accuses Air BnB owners of being voyeuristic perverts.
  • Dave’s awesome OCD packing list.
  • Johnny’s weird nighttime routines.
  • The comment is made that Dave and Johnny need to finally write a story together, and this is the perfect time to do it!
  • Johnny can’t seem to remember the name of this podcast.
  • Dave tells the story about waiting in line at Burger King, and how being nice never pays off.
  • Dave’s weird rules for being nice.
  • The ‘ice cream and apple pie’ incident, and the amazing excuse about why McDonald’s didn’t have ice cream that night.
  • Age estimates of health equipment at Dave’s house based on how much dust is on it.

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