WSE17 Dave versus Sleep Apnea

Today’s episode brought you with an important PSA: Breathe at Night.
On to the shenanigans.

  • Dave’s experience at the clinic, and the woman with the runny nose.
  • Then he tries to sleep while connected to wires, and with a mysterious bowl containing two mac and cheese noodles right next to him.
  • The guys ponder on what the people there do to you while you sleep.
  • Don’t visit the URL Sean suggests. Really. Okay, maybe, but not in front of small children or at work.
  • And back to Dave – the bathroom at the clinic and The Hair.
  • Dave’s claustrophobia is an issue when it comes to The Masks.
  • The nurse tells Dave that surgery is an option. Dave leaves.
  • Dave’s anger might cure the sleep apnea.
  • But sugar…
  • Sean talks about his yearly sugar-free cleanse, and they guys ask if they can marry his wife for a month.
  • Sean’s hand full of nuts and a protein boost.
  • Dave’s new resolution for health and weight loss.

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