WSE16 The Tao of Dave

Dave’s been reading a book on Zen, but is having trouble taking the wisdom to heart. In fact, he suspects the foundations of Zen, and shares a wild conspiracy theory, as well as a new Target experience.

  • Dave actually thought of today’s title!
  • Dave’s son almost listened to an episode of WSE
  • The guys discuss Zen somewhat seriously
  • Dave finds the opposite of inner peace in Target despite the woman who had 50 items in the 15 item isle
  • You know it’s getting bad when the podcast hosts apologize to their producer during the show
  • Dave rants. I counted at least 10 fucks in the last five minutes.
  • Egregious Dave
  • Sean proposes an alternate solution
  • Dave’s anger follows him out of the store, to the car, all the way home, and then to the restaurant
  • Then he feels sad.
  • And they finish by bashing Arby’s.

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