WSE11 Is Dave Wrong

We have RAY CHASE!
Okay. That didn’t work out, but we’ll have him next time. So on today’s Worst. Show. Ever., we just went with it.

  • Dave freaks out about his name being on the internet. But it’s already there.
  • If you need expert advice, you know that Dave is the guru. He’s got some great advice involving going out to eat… the regular waitress wasn’t there. Hilarity ensues.
  • Would you bring your own drink into a restaurant? Dave does.
  • After walking out of ONE restaurant, Dave demands to see the manager.
  • Can you count the number of times Dave says ‘fuck you’ to Sean and Johnny?
  • Dave’s latest fear: poisoning.
  • After all the trouble with the drink, the waitress does the unforgivable.
  • Dave’s rant on the ‘minimum wage power trip.’

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