SPP284 How to Promote Yourself and Your Writing If You're a Grumpy Git

Authors are naturals when it comes to promoting their books… unless they’re grumpy gits. Whether you’re a git, shy, or find the whole idea of a sales pitch to be just plain icky, telling people about your book can be a real challenge. In this episode, Johnny and Sean share with Dave their best tips for ethical self-promotion that even the grumpiest of us can give a try.

  • Dave discusses the difficulty of feeling sincere when trying to promote your work.
  • Johnny talks about the difference between a hard sell and an equitable trade.
  • Dave and Sean talk about the ethics of selling and the voice in the head of “the grumpy git” that shame creatives into not sharing their work.
  • Johnny and Sean reminds us why not telling your list about what you’re selling is doing them a disservice and why you are the only person who can get that ball
  • Sean and Johnny talk about the dangers of “burying the lead,” why shy authors fall into that trap, and how it kills conversion.
  • It’s important to pay attention to the return on investment on a time commitment. The guys show us the importance of keeping an eye on your ROI so that you don’t burn out while spinning your wheels.
  • Johnny lists different forms of content that you can make to relate to readers and open the door for them to learn about your books.
  • Sean suggests finding partners who can help you create the right marketing plan for you.
  • There are different degrees of terrible when it comes to promotion. The worst is apologetic promotions. Sean and Johnny discuss a better way to promote.
  • Dave and Sean unpack how uncomfortable it can be to sell when you feel like you’re manipulating people, and how you can get past that feeling.
  • Johnny shares how even bad practices can be spun and used as a personal style of promotion and branding.

Something Cool:

  • Johnny, Sean, and Dave are excited to announce that they’ve “fixed Dave.” They’ve spent a lot of time world building and outlining, and they’re finally starting to work on building stories together.

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