IO07 Leveling up Your Company with Steve Kamb

Steve Kamb is the Rebel Leader at Nerd Fitness, a community designed to help people who consider themselves nerds to ‘level up their lives.’ His recent success has seen his company grow from one man writing a blog in his off time to an entire community who call themselves the ‘Rebellion.’

  • How have you handled the incremental growth from just you to an entire team?
  • How has listening to your audience’s needs shaped the direction that Nerd Fitness takes?
  • How long were you blogging before you had the success you have?
  • What’s been the biggest roadblocks for you?
  • How have you dealt with management expenses?
  • How have your list building methods changed?
  • How hard has it been to give up control of the different facets of your business?
  • How have you dealt with copycats in the industry?
  • Is there any resentment from the ‘jocks?’
  • What do the next few years hold in store for Nerd Fitness?

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