IO01 Creating Your Own Luck with JA Huss

Today the guys talk with JA Huss, a NY Times bestselling romance author. She talks about her journey from home schooling and hot farms smelling (yes, smelling) to writing romance. While everyone hopes their book will be an instant success, that isn’t always the case. Julie found out with her first book which wasn’t romance. It was science fiction. Her first romance book, however, she calls lucky. But in truth, Julie created her own luck.
Would you ever leave romance?

  • How has listening to your audience shaped your way of writing?
  • What have been some major roadblocks?
  • Do you get bolder with each book, less worried about status quo?
  • Do you have trouble, as a control freak, giving up the aspects of self-publishing?
  • How do you manage your expenses?
  • Where are you looking to scale; where are you restricted?
  • Is building a list something you want to do, or are you comfortable with what you’re doing?

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