Dave and Johnny Bitch About Sean (Better Off Undead #132)

#131 Dave Spoils Movies

Dave and Johnny record a very special episode while Sean is away. Surprisingly it wasn’t one long awkward silence. Instead they talked Ashley Madison, Christian Recruiting and what it’s really like to live on a farm. This is a great oops, I mean horrible episode as we see more of Johnny’s Dave side.

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  1. Werner

    Good show. It’s nice to hear you guys speak your own minds…
    I’m with you guys on pets – most specifically in Dave’s camp. I always liked cats, but once they were gone, I was done – no more. Also like Dave, I like dogs but I’m too damned lazy to walk them a couple times a day – especially in the winter. I also don’t relish the thought of having a minefield of dog crap in my back yard.

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