AUA02 Special StoryShop Bonus Episode

Today, Johnny, Sean, and Dave field questions about the new app StoryShop. You can show your support for the development of this app at

  • StoryShop isn’t a replacement for apps like Scrivener – instead, it’s the perfect pre-writing app that exports to writing apps.
  • Beginning with the Character section, the ease of use is apparent. The character pages look much like a social media profile, with intuitive ways to add details (Character DNA) and relationships.
  • Q: Can you explain why Scrivener isn’t sufficient for this?
  • The Setting section is much more visually-minded, and images will be extremely easy to add.
  • Things are all connected – from beats to characters to settings – and the process of referencing information about one from within the other will be very streamlined.
  • StoryShop will be iterative. Features will be improved and added over time.
  • Q: How do you upload an image, and where can it come from? What about sound files?
  • Q: Do you need beta testers for the app?
  • Q: What will the app cost?
  • Q: Is it a subscription model, or will there be a cheaper or free version?
  • Q: Where can the info I enter into the StoryShop app be exported?
  • Q: Will there be a timeline in the app?
  • Q: Will there be a desktop only version? Can you use it offline?
  • Q: Will there be an aspect where users can reference genre and story arc types?
  • Q: What bugs will you be featuring in version 1? 🙂
  • Q: Will people be able to suggest features for future iterations of the app?
  • Q: Are there early bird specials for people who support the app during the Kickstarter funding phase?

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